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The Cologne Academies on International Commercial Arbitration and Business Mediation/Negotiation are well known for their highly interactive teaching and training approach which involves both the law and the practice skills required for a successful career in international dispute resolution. The Academies’ aim is to teach the skills of preventing conflict escalation and (if it comes to that) focus on the key issues of a dispute. Under the guidance of their highly renowned and experienced faculty members you will get actively involved in all stages of a real international arbitration or, respectively, a business mediation/negotiation. Take the chance to participate in brainstorming or caucus sessions and to improve your problem solving skills required for successful business negotiations and mediations or to test your case management and other advocacy skills, to conduct operning statements or to cross-examine witnesses in front of an international arbitral tribunal – join the next Cologne Academies!

For detailed information on the Academy program, the distinguished faculty, statements of Alumni, the fees as well as an online application form please visit the website at