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Spring Meeting 2017, University of Cologne

In recent decades, diverging demographic trends in the world are observed. Some less developed regions in Africa, Asia or the Arab World still experience rapid population growth, while advanced societies in Europe, North America, and East Asia constantly age due to declining fertility and prolonged life expectancy. At the same time, increasing migration may considerably change the population composition in both origin and destination countries. These recent demographic trends are challenges (and opportunities) for all societies and have – and will continue to have – considerable implications for social inequality, stratification and mobility.

The conference ISA RC28 "Social Stratification and Mobility" brought together researchers working in these fields and in several other areas of social stratification research with the aim to foster a better understanding of individual (demographic) behaviours and outcomes, and how both, demographic processes and their consequences, affect social stratification and mobility in different economic, social, and cultural contexts.